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of deals aim to make the luxurious things in life affordable as we look for the best products and services and offer them at a price that's hard to beat! We will only feature the best deals on the best restaurants, water sports, events, education, travel, beauty spas, hair salons, shops, and much more. Part of what makes this fun for us is trying to expose people to things they wouldn't have done otherwise, such as shows, fly boarding, online training, beauty salon services.
  • At Isle of deals we aim to make it as easy as possible for people to access our fantastic promotions. You don\'t even need a computer to access our daily deals, this can be done through our simple app that is available for smart phones (Android and IOS).
  • Simply download and then buy through the app and we will email you confirmation of your purchase. All of our partners will accept e-vouchers, so no more expensive printing.
  • Have you been told about a deal that you want but are unable to access our site, simply contact one of the support team and we will arrange to get the offer to you no matter what! we want all the islands residents to benefit from our services.
  • Isle of Deals is proud to contribute a proportion every transaction that is made to the Manx Salvation Army, Manx Basking Shark Watch and the PSPA association.

If you would like to speak to Isle of Deals, contact us at Info@isleofdeals.com or 07624 244800

Who we are

Foundered in 2011 by Zoe Gillings, Olympian and Britain\'s No 1 Snowboard cross athlete, Isle of Deals is now managed locally and has been relaunched in 2015. The team at Isle of Deals are always thinking of new ways to exceed the expectations of all our customers—both consumers looking for great experiences at a great value and merchants seeking solutions to attract more customers and run their businesses better.

Our deals and business work to connect the two in a seamless way that brings significant value. The team are continually improving our systems to remain at the forefront of local commerce. With ongoing testing and improvements to our site design, mobile app (Coming Soon), inventory, and shopping experience. 

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